Disappointing News

Unfortunately, I have to inform you that I have been contacted by a representative of Formula One World Championship Limited. They have indicated that my display of Formula One audio video content is an infringement of their copyright and request that I cease and desist from continuing to do so.

Therefore, Pit Lane Channel edited audio and video will no longer be posted here and I have removed all previously posted A/V content as well. It’s further disappointing because it was getting better and better and fan support was increasing at a massive rate. Definitely a lot of fun while it lasted!

For the future of this site, I may continue to provide transcripts and commentary highlighting only the most interesting radio messages from a given session. Everyone who visits, comments, and engages on twitter has been amazing, so I definitely want to try to keep this site going along with the twitter feed. There have been over 22,000 views this weekend alone, so we’re a strong dedicated group of fans and nothing is really going to stop us.

I hope you’re enjoying the August break and I’m looking forward to Spa in a few weeks!

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