What Is f1pitradio.com?

For the 2012 FIA Formula One World Championship, FOM now broadcasts a new channel known as the Pit Lane Channel. It is available as an extra embedded interactive feature, only available from select television broadcasters. As such, many people around the world, who view the standard world feed, are missing out on the wealth of information and insight present in this new channel. This site includes post-session loose transcription and interpretive commentary of the radio communications between engineers and drivers as heard on the new channel. This sight is to be enjoyed in addition to following @f1pitradio on twitter http://twitter.com/F1PitRadio for live tweets during each session.

5 thoughts on “What Is f1pitradio.com?

    • Thanks so much, but I don’t know if you heard on twitter, but I received a cease and desist letter from a representative of Formula One World Championship informing me of copyright infringement. So, I’m taking down the videos and won’t be posting any in the future. Really disappointing.

      • Good idea, but not everyone has the knowledge, time, or means to download torrents. I want all casual or hardcore fans to be able to access the videos as easy as possible with as little effort. Thanks for your idea, though!

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